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What is an Appeal?

What is an Appeal? The Board was established pursuant to Section 4-9-170 or the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, and Section 3 of Act 283, Acts of 1975, Sections 23-48/23-52 of the County Code. The Board consists of seven members who serve three-year terms. Three appointments are made by the County Council and one each by the Columbia City Council, Board of Trustees of School District One, Board of Trustees of School District Two, and Board of Trustees of School District Six. Duties and powers include equalizing the value of the real property hearing all grievances and appeals from the valuation and assessments fixed by the Assessor, performing any and all other duties and powers of the Richland County Board of Equalization as of April 24, 1958--the date of the creation of the Board of Assessment Appeals.

For any questions call the Richland County Assessor’s Office at 803-576-2640